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Telephony for your SMB starts here

Bring VoIP to your small to medium sized business and save money while adding new features!

Business Telephony

VoIPeach is a provider of communication equipment and services for small to medium sized business. Our goal revolves around the sale of computers with pre-configured open source PBX software, telephones, and telephone numbers (DIDs) associated with a low-cost provider for SIP trunking. Basically, everything necessary for inter-office and intra-office communication between employees and the means to communicate with any client in the world effectively and inexpensively. Our system will lower the telecommunications cost of any business while adding features, tracking and accountability capabilities that will increase productivity and efficiency. Voipeach can turn any office into a virtual office, allowing a company to do business in any market it can be competitive in without the prohibitive costs of travel and changing location.
  • Advanced Call Routing Get the call to the right person quickly.
  • IVR Add professionalism to your company by allowing customers to choose their own path.
  • Software based control panels change IVRs and call routing through your web browser.
  • Crystal Clear HD VoIP Get better voice clarity for less than traditional copper lines.

First Class Support

New technology is only as effective as the person using it makes it. VoIPeach stands out in customer support and hands on training of all of the features available. Support is key to keeping training costs down and live support is necessary to make sure business experience no down-time as well as fully utilize the systems capabilities.

Increase Revenue

The best opportunities for our products come in small business looking to cut costs while not losing flexibility and growth. Any small business can save money with a small initial cost because the plans available are highly flexible. The ability to provide professional feel to calls with interactive voice recordings and directories will benefit any company that takes incoming calls. Detailed use logs, recordings and listening features are vital to any company that relies on telephones to work with clients.

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