Residential Services

More Calls = More Sales

Our predictive dialing software utilizes state of the are open source dialing packages combined with our proprietary algorithms that maximize bandwidth and agent productivity to drastically reduce costs and increase productivity. Your bottom line will increase... plain and simple:
  • Increase Productivity by keeping reps on the phone
  • Reduce bandwidth by using proprietary compression software
  • Route calls more efficiently with customized dialing and routing algorithms
  • Get first-class service and support instant live support via phone or chat included.

Increase Productivity

VoIpeach dramatically increases the amount of time agents are connecting with live prospects and and actually talking about your product or services. With automated dialing features listed below you can rest assured your agents are maximizing their time and your time. Our experience shows that predictive dialing allows for almost 4 times the amount of time with customers than with dialing manually.
  • Multiple lines per agent each agent dials a number of lines based on our algorithms to ensure maximizing talk time
  • Automatic Machine detection Up to 70% of answering machines are detected and filtered or leave recorded message!
  • IVR technology Inbound calls can be automatically routed to the right person based on customer input
  • Ensure flexibility with optional billing dates and contract lengths

Reduce Bandwidth

Our proprietary codecs reduce bandwidth use up to 70%. That means you do not need large amounts of bandwidth to run a room of 50 or even 100 agents with crystal clear voice.

 Get First Class Service and Support

Our IT staff is available during all calling hours - from 9am to 9am nationwide. that means that you will never be offline for any reason that we can help with. We also have a 99.9% uptime guarantee!

Nationwide Coverage