Residential Services

Inbound calls

Our inbound calling methods are based on the needs of high volume inbound, outbound, and blended call centers. This means that whether your dialing is primarily outbound, primarily inbound, or both at different times, your software will handle it seamlessly. This is handled by routing calls based on priority, with highest priority assigned to the most important calls. Your customers calling in to make a purchase can be routed directly to an agent, while the predictive algorithms will slow down based on inbound volume to connect less outbound calls. This translates to more sales, better customer service and more agent productivity.


Advance Call routing

There are several ways to route calls to the appropriate agent. VoIpeach gives you the tools to route based on your companys objectives and the objectives of individual campaigns. Some of the routing available is:
  • Longest Wait Time to ensure the agent waiting the longest for a call is next.
  • Even Distribution Distributing calls evenly amongst agents so you know they all have the same opportunity for sales
  • Skill based Routing always routing the call to the highest skilled agent available for that call to maximize sales.
  • Oldest Call Finish to maximize the amount of rest each agent has between calls.

Interactive Voice Recordings

Send calls directly to an agent, or route calls intelligently through the system to ensure your client gets directly to the department they want to speak to, freeing valuable agents in the process. Add a touch of professionalism by greeting your callers with a mission statement and options to speak to the person they want to the first time. Don't worry, our advanced queue processing will make sure to roll the call over to the next department if one is not available and even alert the agent answering which department the caller is trying to speak to.

Several On hold Options

Sometimes a customer will have to be on hold for one reason or another. Why not use this time to make a statement about your company. Some of the options available are:
  • Music On hold choose pleasant music to make hold time seem to fly by.
  • Advertisements Educate your clients about what your company offers. They may ask to sign up for new services by the time your rep is on the phone!
  • Weather reports, Radio etc. you can show off the technology in any number of ways.

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