Residential Services

Instant Messaging with Openfire

Keep your agents in contact with Openfire Instant Messaging included with every dialer or as a standalone product. One of the unique challenges in a call center is to get and give real-time feedback to agents while they are on the phone. Interrupting calls can be confusing and frustrating for agents so VoIPeach has come up with a unique solution to go in conjunction with our real time monitoring programs using Spark and Openfire IM.

Built for Collaboration

As opposed to other chat systems such as Skype and AIM, Openfire was built with closed collaboration in mind. Some of the features you get are:
  • Message Broadcast Broadcast a message to a targeted group
  • individual Conversation Keep compliance in contact and coaching agents real time
  • File transfers getting you closer to a paperless environment.
  • Message Monitoring You even have the option to keep message history and monitor messages between employees for compliance.