Residential Services

Quality Assurance Features

One of the most challenging task in a call center today is keeping up with quality assurance for both compliance purposes and to enhance customer experience. Our software was designed closely with call center compliance managers to give them the tools needed to do their jobs.

Graphical Compliance panel

Operator Panel

  • Status at a glance see who is logged in, in calls, and with whom
  • Realtime monitoring with a click click to monitor, whisper, barge and hangup calls
  • Click to Record record calls on demand from the graphical interface
  • Call management Takeover, transfer and pick up calls with the click of a button


Monitor calls in a variety of ways: Through graphical web based interface, through handset telephone, Via tablet or through a PC at your desk. Flexibility is designed in the system as a key feature


In Addition to our Intsant messaging capabilities you can now whisper directly to your agent without the customer being able to hear you. This can be used for compliance, coaching, training or anything else you can imagine!

Call recording

Call recording is available in a variety of different ways. All recordings are kept on the server for the life of the server, or until you decide to move or remove them. Call recording options available are as follows:
  • On Demand Agent or QA manager can decide when to initiate a call recording.
  • Always On You can decide to record every call in a particular campaign or queue
  • Always Off You can remove the recording feature entirely. This is important for locales that do not allow call recording

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