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Outbound Dialing Technology

our outbound dialing algorithms focus on several key features to produce more sales. We developed these features in conjunction with highly successful call centers across the country to determine what is most important. Some of the features include:

Outbound Predictive Dialing

Our predictive dialing mode can adjust the number of lines dialed based on current answer rate and historical answer rates on your dialing lists by the hour. That means it doesn't matter if it is 9am, 2pm, or 7pm... You will be able to get constant answers and keep your agents on the phone. During peak hours the system will automatically slow down and give calls more time to answer leading to less dropped calls. Some of the features include:

  • Tapered Adaptation to place calls aggressively at start of shift and taper off to reach drop caps by end of shift.
  • Average Adaptiation to place calls evenly throughout a shift while trying to maximize drop call limit cap.
  • Hard limit Adaptation to ensure the number of dropped calls never reaches a set percentage of total calls.
  • Manual To set dial level to a set number to reach call wait goals.

Answering Machine detection

Our technology can natively filter out up to 80% of answering machines with accuracy tunning abilities to ensure your agents are speaking to humans and not spending half their time dispositioning answering machines. Included in the software is a native ability to automatically leave a message for the client without any input from agents. Your agents are being productive even while they are waiting for the next call.

Intellegent callerID

Send out your home offices callerID, a campaign specific callerID, or even a callerID specific to the number you are dialing. As long as you own the number, and we have numbers available throughout the country, you can send the callerID appropriate for each number dialed. Local CallerIDs will increase human answers by up to 20%!

Flat rates

Our multi-carrier system will select the best carrier for each call, but your tarifs never increase based on call route. Meaning you can dial anywhere in the united states, land lines, or cell phones for one flat, predictable rate. This redundancy also ensures that issues with local carriers will not stop calls from connecting, leading to a 99.99% connection rate.

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